thursday 07/01/2010

Thanks mods smiley
Close please

Please say how much you want to sell her for or what you want to trade for smiley

Close pls, thanks mods

I'll knock my offer up to 600ish.
Please PM me if you have any Stanlys to sell smiley

Ill give you a guru Cr full xp for all of them smiley

smileysmiley 1400-1500? Lowest offer wins. smileysmileysmiley

We could trade?

Marlysa cr maxxed post offers

Close please smiley

47000 and you have a deal

I offer for trade my Alecs,SkullFaces and Vickes for Jackies.

So for Alec I want 2 Jackies 0xp

For Skull face 0xp I want 2 Jackies 0xp + 10k and so on.

Please PM me with all offers.


wednesday 06/01/2010



Update this list please...

If u add a couple thousand clintz then you wil get more luck mate

Sounds like a stunning financial investment! You know what, why don't I throw in a General Cr into the deal as well to even it out a bit! This deal is a totally sound trade guys, come on! Look at the facts! Amiral Py Cr is younger (that means he'll die later), he is cheaper (more room for him to go up), and he is unplayable (Rass Cr is unplayable too! They'll probably have the same price soon!). NOT.

Sorry for the harsh sarcasm, but advertising this as a gamble or a potentially profitable situation is a total scam. It takes (bad) Cr's to go up in price by more than a few thousand many years. And during those many years, selsya Cr will also be going up in price. So maybe advertise this next time as, "I really want Selsya Cr somebody help me" and maybe a generous player will help. But I don't think this hoax will fool anyone

Close pls.

6.6k and we have a deal

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