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sunday 21/03/2010

I am looking for a Lamar Cr

I am looking for either straight clintz offers or trades.

Clans I own:
Bangers minus Sum Sam Cr
Freaks minus Splata Cr, Diyo Cr & Geuner Cr
GHIEST minus Miss Twice Cr, Sigmund Cr & Selsya Cr
Junkz minus DJ Korr Cr & Berserkgirl Cr
La Junta minus General Cr & Flavio Cr
Montana minus Lyse Teria Cr
Nightmare minus Ambrose Cr, Ombre Cr, Dwain Cr & Thaumaturge Cr
Sentinel minus Dragan Cr, Tessa Cr, Swidz Cr, Melissa Cr & Skullface Cr
Uppers minus Armanda Cr & Jim Cr

Will accept any combination of clintz, card and clintz/card

As the title says my milovan 0xp for your beetenka any xp.

Both Graksmxxt and Coby are both level 2 not maxxed out!! Pm me if you are interested. EIther card can be maxxed or 0xp doesn't matter to me. thx

Beetenka for lennox?

Sorry wrong forum close this please.



Anyone wanna sell me a Jane Ramba for 7000?

O.k i know its worth about 2.1k but all i have is 1.8k please somebody sell it to me
And thank you

I'll trade a sum sam for some of him

What do you have to offer?
PM me.

Ryder started off with a Globumm and ended up with a nice Collector.
{ D } is simply trying his hand at the same sort of thing smiley
Good luck mate.

saturday 20/03/2010

Got her

Tremorh for 2100

I trade them for la junta cards or sellthem for clintz
Just offer

Samantha or Boohma

PM me or post here

Thanks you

Who's winning? i offer 55 000

Ambre chad bread cr grasmxtt uranas chloe peeler vermyn n and marina must be atleast 5% within market value to be considred

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