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Clint City: Civil War

Alle Spieler müssen mindestens Gildenrang 3 haben und die Gilde muss vor Januar 2016 erstellt worden sein.

25 Gilden/ 5 Spieler pro Team
Jede Gilde wählt einen Clan; dieser Clan wird für sie zwingend durch das ganze Event hindurch.

Phase 1:
In der ersten Runde muss die Gilde einen Spieler für jedes der folgenden Formate bestimmen, mit dem er spielen wird;
8 x 2*
8 x 3*
25* ELO
8 x 4*
8 x 5*
In jedem Subevent werden 25 Spieler sein.
In der ersten Runde werden die Gruppen und Spieler in identische 5er Gruppen aufgeteilt. Das schlechteste Team in jeder Gruppe wird eliminiert.
In der zweiten Runde werden die Spieler in 4er Gruppen aufgeteilt. Der schlechteste Spieler jeder Gilde wird eliminiert.

Phase 2:
Die 20 Gilden/ 80 Spieler werden dann in Gruppen aus 2 Gilden aufgeteilt und spielen im KO-System für den Einzug in die 3. Phase.

Phase 3:
Die 10 übrigen Gilden/ 40 Spieler werden dann in Gruppen mit je 5 Gilden aufgeteilt. Die 4 besten Gilden kommen weiter.

Phase 4:
Die 8 übrigen Gilden/ 32 Spieler werden dann in Gruppen mit je 4 Gilden aufgeteilt. Die beste Gilde kommt ins Finale, der zweite ins Spiel um Platz 3, die restlichen Gilden in die Spiele um Platz 5 und Platz 7.

Vielen Dank L4F-Streeti

samstag 13/02/2016

General alert! The ship has just collided an iceberg, and it will flow within less than three hours!
It is the end, and tempting here you are to fight to reach in lifeboat. As the company in wanted to save, there is not unfortunately enough for everybody, and the first class already try to double everybody!
He is going to need to fight sailor!

He is going to need to fight sailor!
Number of phases: 6 of the week
Count of players: 128

1st: 5M
2d : 2M
3rd : 1M
4th : 600k
5th : 400k
6-12 th : 200k

Play now in Titanic: Run Away! smiley

donnerstag 11/02/2016

From 5 to 2 Stars (Reloaded) -> nur noch 1 Platz frei!

Wie ihr die Wildcard bekommen könnt, steht in Kommentar 16 im Event.

Viel Glück!

(Deadline: 12.02.16 um 19:00 Uhr)

sonntag 31/01/2016

Na und? smiley
Das passiert halt.
Ist doch egal und fang ein neues Match an smiley

samstag 16/01/2016

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Lustrzane odbicie

Both players have the same cards in the deck (deck format). The price of each card won't exceed 10000 ctz. Those will be 8 playable good cards of my choice picked from 2 clans in every stage (4 of each).

The number of stages will depend on the number of players who apply

dienstag 12/01/2016

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Noch 24 plätze sind noch frei ... bis zum 29ten könnt ihr euch noch anmelden

dienstag 29/12/2015

597 Gildenmitglieder und keiner der dir die Frage beantworten konnte? Lässt tief blicken! smiley

dienstag 08/12/2015

Random Deck Memory II

Random Deck Memory II

128 players maximum, for 7 weeks, round of 1 week

Round 1: beginning

each player play against 3 opponents in 3 battles, best 64 qualified

rounds 2 at 4: Mystery

3 sub events with différents deckrules
- 1 deck 23*
- 1 deck 25* (elo revisit)
- 1 deck 27* (without collectors and some cards)

Everyone have to register in all subevents at registration moment
You play against 1 opponent in 5 winning battles on a subevent ( randomly selected before matchs)

Quarters and semi finals:

You play against 1 opponent in 2 winnings sets of 4 winning matchs. Deckrules change between each set ( 3 deckrules are the same than before but one for each set in a order randomly selected. You can change your deck 1 time in each set but you must keep it until the end of the set)

final: 1 vs 1 like semi and quaters finals but in 2 winning sets of 5 winning matchs

samstag 05/12/2015

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freitag 27/11/2015

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Every players have to register in the Portugese part

Shogun 2.0

Once upon a time in the japan....It's the EDO Era
16 ancestral clans will compete for the shogunate, during epic battles!!!!

Each clan is represented by 5 players:
2 samouraïs
2 ninjas
1 général

Every clan's member have its own format:
Samouraïs play Elo format with some banned caracthers
Ninjas will play a 27* ELO rules format
Generals play 30* ELO rules format+Ashigaru necessary

Rules about format are simple. The event starts frow the newest cards to the older.
Every period is defined by a special cards-time: 2015/2013, 2012/2010 et 2009/2007
Battles are done by clan vs clan, loosers will be directly eliminated
The event is done on three weeks of intense battlessmiley

Winning prizes :
1st clan : 1M pour chaque joueur
2d : 800K
3d : 600K

dienstag 24/11/2015

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Wann finden wieder leader wars statt ????

mfg smiley

sonntag 08/11/2015

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I'd like to invite again! All the participants are welcome in the event. Registration will be open until 22nd Nov 2015. If we won't reach 20 teams the event will be cancelled!

donnerstag 29/10/2015


The idea is to reunite DTs and Events in one tournament :

1) There's one main event, which every one subscribes.
Its purpose is to make every one know (a few days early) when there's a tournament.
Another purpose is that it cen be useful as a Hall of Fame :
There are two rankings :
- Best average score (reset each month)
- Best performance (also reset each month)
I think that a tokenz reward should be cool for those two rankings.

2) The "tourney" tournaments.
We have the players who suscbribed the main event : they know that there is an arganized tournament (they have been warned by PM)
They can rejoin (free entrance) et they play during an hour in the event room. The point counting rules are the same that in DT, with 2 exceptions : a win by abandon is worth a win by KO and the abandon penalty will be higher than a -20 points malus

The good aspects of these tournaments : no penalty, and banned card lists that will change at each tournament (so that we can test a few things). The fights and decks will be various : it won't be La Junta 9 fights out of ten.

Prize system for every tourney:

50k for every tourney winner + 10 silver
15k for every 2d tourney player + 5 silver
10k for every 3d tpourney player + 2 silver
5k for top ten tourney player
1 k for all others tourney players

Monthly Prize: top will receive 10 gold tokenz

dienstag 27/10/2015

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Strategy 3 startet in eine neue Runde. Seit dem letzten Strategy sind viele neue Charaktere nach Clint City gekommen. Zeit für euch, eure Deckbaukünste erneut unter Beweis zu stellen.

montag 28/09/2015

Nur noch 5 Anmeldungen / only 5 more participants
und das Preisgeld sieht so au / and this will be the price-list

1. 1 500 000 Clintz
2. 1 000 000 Clintz
3. 750 000 Clintz
4. 500 000 Clintz

und das für NUR 200 Clintz Eintritt / for only 200 Clintz enter-fee


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montag 10/08/2015

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Anarchy v.1
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