wednesday 09/01

Tessa Cr for sale.



Send me a message!

Hello, I would like to trade 2 Lamar Cr 0XP for a copy of Cannibal Jo Cr 0XP.
If interested, send me a PM.
Thanks for your attention.

i want a Flavio with any xp and i offer

Uchtul Cr 0xp
Noctezuma Cr full
Sledg Cr 0xp
700k (or other Cr if wanted)

Thank you and have a nice day!
Contact me via PM, Thanks

I want to trade my full xp Ombre Cr for either your Berserkgirl Cr , Flavio Cr.


I am still looking to trade my Lyse Teria Cr (14,000,000):
Guru Cr (14,750,000) I add 750,000
Dj Korr (15,000,000) I add 1,000,000
Cannibal Jo (9,900,000) you add 4,100,000

I add clintz, I do not mind if you add cards.


Trading my Lyse Teria (0 exp) + 5 mil for Manon MT (any exp).

Sorry, guys, this is meant for the Russian community, guess I forgot to swap the languages, hopefully a moderator will place it to the russian section and delete the flood.

I am looking for:

Cannibal Jo Cr (8.8 million)
Lyse Cr (1.4 million)

I can offer:
Any CR and normal cards + clintz com, except big 5 and MT cards

PM me if intrested

All are negotiable, pm me your offers

tuesday 08/01

1 700 000

I have Cannibal Jo and Bmappe

Trade Aldebaran Cr and Sentenza both 0xp for shawoman cr 0xp.

Ymirah 1 650 000
Caellus 1 900 000

Pm me if interested sorry for double post I clicked lock by accident

Pm me if you have both you are down to trade and we can talk


0xp carmen 0xp mclain and 0xp Chloe have sold

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