monday 13/11/2017

Meh, survivor isn't really my favorite thing. Could you make a thematic weekend where we can only use common or uncommon cards?

saturday 11/11/2017

That was exactly how I made a deck with both behemoth and ymirah cr in it. I kept failing the star missions because for some reason almost every season there is ymirah cr for like a 3rd of the matches I thought "forget this you want OP cards I will give you OP cards"

The biggest change I want however draw=free retry not an auto victory for the comps, with draws as a form of victory for them they have one more way of winning than us creating an unfair advantage that only makes the 3 star missions so much more annoying.

friday 10/11/2017

LA Junta 2* 8/1 copy OPP damage
Sentinel 3* 5/6 copy OPP power

Just to help.

Refer to team effort. When you have a team of 5, notify mihalll7_UM

Everyone, prepare for

Cannibal Jo MT

wednesday 08/11/2017

If anyone who applied wants to know why they weren't selected, I can give some info in case of next time. Send a pm. smiley

tuesday 07/11/2017

Where's adv 4?

monday 06/11/2017

Stop necro posting. This was from the beginning of the year. This argument is very outdated.

So I mostly play Tourney Type 1 and been trying to playing more EFC but I keep forgetting. What are the good clans/set ups that people have been seeing? I mostly have been running raptors but I have seen that Berzerkers worked well randomly

saturday 04/11/2017

I mean Lyse Teria Cr in t2... come on... xD thats just total ... ya know lol

friday 03/11/2017

Hmmmm smart smileysmiley

thursday 02/11/2017

Since the next comic will be in a Christmas one (since it will be released in December), I wonder if it will be a reuniting of Impera Sloane and her son, Matheo (A Plane to Hell). A Christmas magic that only the Raptors can provide in their own screwed up (possibly dark humored) way.

wednesday 01/11/2017

You guys really are milking this game while you can

XP boost is much better

tuesday 31/10/2017

Congratulation everyone!

I only recognize 10 - Rowdy MOB Cr. All are very nice though.smiley

I didn't get a pack. smiley Who would I reach out to?


sunday 29/10/2017

hot logo UR 90 messages

DT clintz should be changed to card packs like efc but smaller.

*mind = bugged*

friday 27/10/2017

So who will be removed from new bloods packs after new bloods arrive?

Marshal and who else?

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