wednesday 02/12/2009

Please close

I would even be willing to exchange Mona for Graksmxxt...

Unless Melissa's price increases drastically, I'll throw in a Swidz Cr as part of the deal.

tuesday 01/12/2009

smiley only 1 person sold me 1 of them... I need more!

I need pirinas if you can buy them seperatly


Kolos 18/19K
Kenny 9k

private sell and msg me or post here smiley


Please lock the topic

Guru Cr 0XP + 2 Vickie Cr + 1 Lamar Cr.

May be closed ty done

Can I just get one or do you want to sell 'em in bulk?

Buying Rolph for 1500 clintz.
pm if u want to sell it to me or negotiate the price.

Ghumbo (U) (U)+Phyllis + clintz

Come on now

I'd give you Volht + jackie

Still looking.smiley

Please close

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