thursday 31/12/2009

Buying Louise of pussycats for 3000 clintz

Golan do u mind giving back my smokey cr?.... I mean either you forgot to send Kolos or to send Smokey Cr back... (is forget the right word?)

So one have sum sam Cr plz

wednesday 30/12/2009


I'd like to buy a bunch of Lehane, up to 150 copies, 900/each.

Pls send me a PM to negotiate.

Do you own these cards or want them?
If you want the cards I can sell you Miss Lulabee.
If you have these cards what do you want for Taham?

My elya cr for

i want :
smokey cr
alec cr

multi of those cards...please sum up as a Reasonable price plz

You should st buy those chareters from the market it only cost you 62000 clintz and elya cr. is worth more than that

Which one are you exchanging and which are you looking for.

Buying 3 sandro 265 each just private sell it to me

I Buy Leviatonn too for 6350 clintz
I Buy your Toro or Wardom for some of This Cards:
Miss chloe

I would like to buy hattori for 3,600 Clintz

Thank You

As title says, 19 Pegh (lvl 2) for Morphun. Pm with others.

Offering 410 clintz for Gastroboy.

That's it nothing more, nothing less!

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