tuesday 17/11/2009

Aldebran cr + vickie cr

Please close, I sold him! smiley

monday 16/11/2009

My Elya Cr plus 5k for your Tanaereva and Vickie Cr.

PM me, cheers.

Now left only Bridget 0 XP - 600 clintz

I am buying at 340.....please really need it

Close please.

Mods close plz

I am buying 100 4* cards(must be 0 xp) for 320 clintz each
I do not buy individual cards
but they can be sold in groups of 10/20 or 50
plz post here and do not PM me

Thanks Mods

Paying 2500 clintz for it.

Please close i have her

Hi i am trading my Scarlett cr full for 2Marlysa, 2 Kerrozin and 1 elya cr
or 2 marlysa and 1 Lao cr.

please pm for faster response
thanks mods

Wow 6k difernence
w8 like 1 month then price will lower a lot


I am buying all Archie for 200 clintz each ps it to me.

Close plz

Still looking for Lehane

I give u
2 aldebran cr for u all crs smiley msg me in private if u want

Any amount of xp.
I give 35k for both.
Or 24k for Jackie
9k for Zatman

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