friday 15/01/2010

Do you have jay?

Buying vermyn n around 8k
pm me to negotiate

thx mods

Ill make it 4k. on the market 10 nerfeniti is 9k 4 askai is6 k and 5 odile is 6k plus 4k ongh is 20k on ther market thats a profit of over 5k.

As the topic says, I'm looking for a Vickie Cr 0xp, will trade my full one + 5k clintz.


Anymore offers?

Buying Tobbie 135 now!

Also i need these.

pm me of leave ur offers here. thx

thursday 14/01/2010

In other words, if you open 3 cards packs, is there some ratio like 5 commons/2 uncommons/1 rare?

84k ctz..

Thread can be closed, snatched one up on market.

I have a mikeen mouse, is four you if you give me 600 clintz

Close it...

A Kenny max exp would be really fine. Any other offers would be entertained as well if I see fit. Thank you.

Thank you moderators.

Im trading my 45x dreen for uppers type 1 deck smiley yes this offer is 1 of kind smiley .

i will take any type 1 deck made from only uppers that worth something like 11k-12k smiley its almost the same price as x45 0xp ( dreen price atm is 250 ) .

Please PM if you got offer

All are sold smiley

thanks mods .

Im looking to trade a full exp marco for an any exp glorg

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