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monday 22/02/2010

I only need rowdy now so all those cards are still on the table for a trade

Ok either pm me for bussiness or let me know on here

I know I pmed him saying it was a rip off and he swore at me smiley

sunday 21/02/2010

Im selling these Junks for 100 clints each I can only sell 1 each day

Allan lvl2
Brandon lvl3
Bunny lvl4
Dreen lvl2

I'll even take a maxed at this point for 183 000 which I would still ask only for 4,000 clintz


Please don't insult me or anyone here VAL-IHIALEN

Please close mods thx

LOL you can buy them for less in the market

I'd gladly trade my hystix for ur rowdy, idc what lvls

LMAO ok,well if anyone have alec cr ill buy for 25,000-30,000 Nuthin Else!

Pm me if interested:

I've got a 0xp Grakksmxxt. I am interested in your tremorh, Adler, Somba, Jalil, and miscelanious others.

I could do that if you are interested

I am selling a 0xp hugo (R) for 500 smiley


Under market price please

really need one

just PM me for fast deal

PM me plz

you can also PM me different reasonable offers

thx mods

I have 4397 and a couple of decent cards; let me know what you're looking for?

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