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tuesday 06/04/2010

Want to buy Chiara
price below 5000 clintz (if it can be)


Close this one please

I've obtained my kolos 0exp
mods plz close smiley

Ill give u 4k for them

The ten 0xp oshitsune are gone.

monday 05/04/2010

Jackie has been traded with DAGR80NE-OK , great doing business with him // very quick and good comunication smiley ..

**close please**
/ Torres x

Kolos (R) (R) 25k +
Ongh (U) (U) 21k +
Kenny (R) (R) 13k +
Copper (U) (U) 11k +
Vermyn N (U) (U) 9k +
Coby (U) (U) 8k+
Mona (U) (U) 8k+
Ryuichi (U) (U) 6k +
Glorg (U) (U) 8k +
XU52 (R) (R) 4k=113k

I put the prices when I checked them in the maket..
I remind you that Splata Cr (Cr) is 0 xp..
pm me for offers or write here

You close man! (new fonction till 2 weeks allready!)

Looking for MULTIPLES of Vickie Cr, Jackies, Lamar Cr, Tessa Cr, Splata Cr, Etc.

Minimum trade that i will do is 700k. (720k on the market as of right now).

PM if your interested, thanks smiley

Please close

He's a mod jacob... don't insult him...

Why would anyone buy for above market, especially so much sosmiley

I'll buy for about 6.3k that's about market price right now for Dorian 0exp Right now

Purchased already, business ends here smiley

I'm trading my dragan cr 0xp for 2 Tessa cr no need to add anything it's a pretty fair trade smiley

PM me for a faster response.

Thanks in advance.


Both 5.3k P.m me to buy it
Have a good day

Im back
a think you can switch aylen for avola or wardom
they are around the same prizei want to trade it even if you dont do it anyways
message me back

SOld a lot of cards.

Close the thread mods.

When you send your PM Please let me know how many you have and what you would like to trade for them.. that will make things easier..

thank you all for any help and time reading this ad

sunday 04/04/2010

Buying Muze for 1k

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