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wednesday 17/03/2010

Hey all, im looking to trade my Dragan Cr 0xp for one of the three packages listed smiley

#1) 16 Caelus 0xp (or 17 Caelus Full)
#2) 15 Jackie 0xp (or 16 Jackie Full)
#3) 3 Vickie Cr 0xp (or 3 Vickie Cr Full + Jackie)

Please send me a PM if your interested in trading, thanks smiley

> I will buy Muze for 1100 either 0xp or full xp
> Just private sale me.......
> I need many, fast!!!!!!

32001 highest bid...ill PM u and put the cards in your private sales.

I ment to put on the 1st offer that the lamar cr has to be 0xp

I want 1 lamar full

I will give 80k plus morpun for him

pm and post

By that do you meen i trade oshitsune and someone else

Im giving 6 cards for either burger, bryan , gatline or card.

These are the cards im trading or selling for the bunch-----endo, allison, yusuke, leo, zoltan, mitch, simon, winifred, timber, mojo, candy jack, and ice jim.

Id like to buy a full exp for 15,5k

tuesday 16/03/2010

I sold the card

who i must inform to close the topic?

Close this please all adlers have been traded


I'm looking for multiple Oshitsune, paying 5300ctz per card.

Just put them in my private sales or propose a trade.


Got all my La Junta needs. Please close mods.

Wow....one of the few fair offers i've actually seen on the entire marketplace. If i stumble upon either, you'll be the first person i talk to (getting a couple packs today...)

I know you wanna sell but would you trade a pam for one of my 0xp caciopes?

How about i buy ur ambre for 19k

Trading my jackie for nightmare clan's card of equal value

Hello, I would like to trade my Jungos and my Montanas for Fang Pi Clang of equil value. I only need 8 cards but you may be getting more than that from me in return.

I have:
Jungo: Total Clintz = 10,628 Clintz
Adler (698c), Askai(1500c), Boohma(300), Borss(297c), Buba(360c), Nyema(2300c), Pegh(2000c), Psylo(1333c), Radek(540c), and Scopica(3100c).

Montana: Total Clintz = 4,523
Don(1200c), Flesh Pimp(465c), Murphy(920c), Oscar(680c), Simon(118c), and Spiaghi(1140c).

I would like:

Fang Pi Clang: Total Clintz = 15,650 Clintz
Kati(709c), Unagi(790c), Linda(2000c), Lost Hog(2370c), Kinjo(2673c), Kuei(3100c), Fei(2700c), and Sung Tsu(1450c)

PM me if you have any of the cards I would like, or better Fang cards.

Ill give you 370K for Lao Cr

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