sunday 03/01/2010

Mods please close thanxsmiley

saturday 02/01/2010

Done ty may be closed

All Terrys are sold =)

mods. please close smiley

This sounds a bit like begging and I dont think you are that poor smiley

Ill buy petra and marina petra for 1.8k and marina for around 6.5 to 7k

Trading done! please close this one!smiley

Mods. please close !
I have trade her smiley

Rowdy = 6500-6750 clintz
peeler = 4000-4250 clintz
leviatonn= 5500-5750 clintz

put it in my private sales...pls fast?!?! smiley

No, it does not stop 'at any time'. I gave shammy an example which he did not use smiley
shammy, exactly WHEN does your auction end? DATE and TIME please
Also, you know what... I think shammy will make a new thread

You can close the topic thanks

Mods please close smiley

Sorry jazza is right what i want is a bit over priced, take or blaaster and switch and alec cr to morphun and its a good deal smiley

Mods please close this! smiley

Mods could u pls close this

I am willing to trade my wee lee for 2 ghumbo + a 1k card
or my maxxed jackie for 4 ghumbo
other offers are allowed however 1 ghumbo must be included

I am trading my extra ghumbo and maybe another 1k card for emeth.

As always, pm me your offers.

Thanks mods smileysmiley

Close this mods Thanks!smiley

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