tuesday 19/01/2010

Je te propose un Alex Cr + clintz

Buying yayoi for 8k pm me if u can sell to me

I trade lulabee +2000 clintz for Shayna! I can give something more for it!
PM me

Closed Im Finish My's Cartes
Thx Sujet Closed

Want list:
Splata 0 exp
Dragan 0 exp
Lamar 0 Exp

Tell me how many smokeys you wany for one of these cards.

I have both what have you for trade?

Buying lamar for 110k

Sell vickie for 110k

36500 in clintz

I offer 1900 clintz for bogdan, if you want to sell me, i will accept your private sells smiley

Buying for 6500 clintz.
just put in my ps.

I am trading 17 nahi cr 0xp

for each nahi I want 3 caelus 0xp... I will add 5000 clintz each trade

Therefore my trade is as follows

Nahi cr + 5000 clintz= 3 caelus 0xp
I can do this trade 17 times


Your Caelus for my Chill,Greow and Bragh
PM me if your interested
Accept this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Ill Buy
Ongh/3000$ ( I know it not worth it )
Sum Sam cr 100000$
Dj korr Cr 800$ ( Jokes )

Or trade with arno

Im interested in ghumbo, glorg and nistarok how much u want for them. I also have all sentinels execpt for owen and all crs

Ive got a lehane, bristone and arkn wat will that get me

Got it. pls close thx.

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