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saturday 13/03/2010

Trading marlysa full for 42 caelus 0 xp
21 tanaereva 0xp
thanks mods smiley

In 1 week it will be half the price
in 1 month it will be 1/4th !

Title says it smiley

Im trading My Jackie + 3k for Your Cassio Cr

Pm me smiley

Trade for maybe randy

Plz dont spread false rumours about CR's !

i'll shave my head if kenny goes CR

Thanks I've got Charlie + Ditha.

I want to buy or trade 10 tremorh for 20K or cards

@TCA_ColdShock - lol.... Well I'll tell you what if you have a Emerth I'll take two of those...if not I'll settle for two emeth smiley

PM me, dont know maybe Dorian from Uppers?
Go Montana smiley

Mods plz close thos...post 27 says its been sold

2 wardom what you say?

Close please but still lookin for avatarsmiley

3550 ctz...

friday 12/03/2010

18k = 18000

I am looking for miss twice cr and willing to trade my skullface cr and 4k

Phyllis = 4800
Ongh or Sylth = 18000

just pm me for difference offer. thank you

Already traded Close please

My uranus for your Rowdy, simple and sweet.
Pm me for change to the deal,
Thanks mods. smiley

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