tuesday 05/01/2010

I need some Gheist that cost under 600 clintz

I have



13000 clintz or below, any level.

Thanks Mods

Trading my maxed charlie + clintz for a 4* charlie. Must be low exp.

Pls pm me. and thx mods

Ambre is atleast 18.5k due to the market

You can close
thanks again

monday 04/01/2010

Vinny & Denise for 450 ?

There she goes...dropped 500 clintz already...hurry, hurry hurry,,,,before someone else makes those clintz and your left with a ....cheap card. smiley

Full clan of the all stars

starting now
end 1/11/10

starting bid is 45k

only s missing one is lamar cr and Davina

Thanks aand myztyrio why get involved? i see you constantly rying to rip people of so if you would like me to write in all of your forums then please carry on.

thanks also BoJangles.

offer is still open.

Mod plz close this ima just sell these on the market

Close plez and thank you

Nm close this, ive got a better idea

2 flavio cr 0xp for u sum sam and melissa cr

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