monday 04/01/2010

Anybody? smiley

Wow sry xD 8 k
np Mods close pls

I would like:
Smokey cr x2
if you would like to trade please PM me

8000 clintz pls.

Thanks Mods.


I need
just put in my private sales if you want to sell
MUST BE 0 exp! ty

Deal. i'll be waitin for hawkins then i send you smokey.

Jugo, please make a new thread listing all the cards in your preset. Also, if you want to trade, what you want to trade for. Thanks smiley

Please close

Yuh Can Trade Them For a alec cr Just To Let Yuh Know

Ohh well...I'm puting Vholt in public sales at the market

admins please close this


Close please i got a ghumbo

Z3rO D34d ottavia rei arkn gibson for your wee lee. ottavia is lvl2 rei0xp z3ro your choice of 0xp or max and that goes for all of them except for ottavia

What levels r they

How much for willy

Chad Has been sold on market on accident for 400 by mistake and wont be returned so he is gone

sunday 03/01/2010

I own ludwig, Na boh,Nimestiec,slopsh,TrinmkkT,Venus,Samantha

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