wednesday 20/12/2017

HOA folks drive a hard bargain.smileysmiley

Sorry for the confusion, I wanted to bid just 300 smiley

Its over.

Last min left !

Killic wins the Bid!

TRADE] Hello partner!!

I would like to trade my Caelus Cr 0 xp for Schatzi 0xp. I am willing to trade trough Private Sale. Interested please send message

You had taken the first smiley

DUC Tiwi
Takes lot 1 for 2.5k each
Lot 2 and 3 for 650 clints each


tuesday 19/12/2017

Congrats nanaru

53 Digging Bill 0xp 35k/t
50 Lara Hate 0xp 40k/t
30 Oriold 0xp 49k/t

I buy all your Serafina 0xp at 420K each one

Adilson i send you 100 Ginger 0exp 900/t

Arcanto i send you 100 Fast Johnny 0exp 2.5k/t

Ahah np! This was actually very fun, i should do this more times!

What you are offering buther or kalindra?

I will buy Walker any exp for 75k

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