saturday 30/12/2017

Send vickie 2.7 mil i'll buy it cash

I take 5 nemos 0 xp for my lyse.

friday 29/12/2017

Now this price Nemo cr is 3,8 M, i offer +300 k.

1 sold, 3 to go smiley

Got tana
1 shaakarti gone
2 noctezuma gone
toro gone
melody gone

I buy all Vryer 0 xp you can sent

- 0-100 : 10.000 clintz
- 100-250 : 11.250 clintz
- 250/500 : 12.500 clintz
- 500-1000 : 14.000 clintz

Négociations in private smiley

My Lyse Teria 0 exp (23.7M) x your Guru full (20M)+ 1.8M clintz?

I estimate Kougloff at 480 470k I can buy 1 with cash and i can add pretty much lot of other stuff for other 1-2 ( Chiara Cr # Noodile CR Toro Cr 2 Oon Cr 8 etc ) Just message me or let here what u will wish for ur Kougloff !

So many lv 1 wandas at market at 7.8k and you want to sell 3 at min 50k ? phew

I trade/sell one #Nemo Cr 0xp (4mio)

Smokey Mt (1.1mio)
+ Cash or the following cards:
#Serefina (430k)
Shinobi (160k)

Pm for faster response smiley

Sorry but sold closed


I buy #nemo Cr 0xp for 3m clintz.

Thank you,

I accept dj + 500k for your guru cr smiley

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