tuesday 08/12/2009

U want vickie cr and u will trade me splata cr

I found a person nice enough to offer me the price I was asking for, please lock this thread.

Mods close plz

I'm searching for Vickie for my Caleus's

Hi, i'm looking for 0xp Dwain or 0xp Beltran for 54K

please pm me thanks

Looking for a 3k steve. Also want, but dont need, low cost marco and auroa

Sold, please close this thanks mods

Seriously people I'm dead broke now. These are all the cards I got from buying packs with my credits. Just look if there's something you want.

I know they're common but give them a chance.

monday 07/12/2009

They are worth more on the market

Close this thx smiley

tessa cr 0xp
lamar cr 0xp
kerozinn cr 0xp
looking for multiples of jackie and dalhia.
Thx mods.

I can get pan for u if u want?

I will see if i can get him for u!

At 100000 clintz.


I offer Zatman full exp + 7.000 vs Kolos

I'll do it!

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