thursday 29/10/2009

Tryed to make money with buying cheap chars for unter 180 clintz, you know.

How do you do this? It seems that im wayyyyyyy to slow....

Ok i dont want to start any thing
so next best offer wins kero
i will check the offers tomorrow in the afternoon and that is when it ends

I have lvl 1 and 2 slopsh. want one?

Please send me these cards for the price i mention below !

chiro 600 clintz
dean 800
burger 900
phyllis 1850
sheitane 1000
dieter 600
hel 550
azgroth 4000
glorg 4000
olga 2000

pm me if sell cheaper or just private sell me

Thnx Mods

The marcos are in your priv sell thanks

Mods can close THANKSsmiley

Hi, I buy you:

Caelus for a good price
Corvus for a good price

Please close i bought her

wednesday 28/10/2009

Trading 3 Alec Cr + 25k for Tessa Cr. Pm if your interested, thanks smiley

Close please.

He didn't jack the thread, he's just naive. they think that he's trying to SELL his Kolos for 10k, so Shareholder offered him 11k

Close! smiley

Close please

I agree with manfred

Close, thx mods.

Because sometimes It can take weeks for the price to get that low and it may only be 8.5K for an hour or two before rising back up. Whereas if you buy it from me here and now then you will get it quicker and be able to get the 10K quicker

Close please. smiley

Mod close plz.

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