sunday 08/11/2009

As the title says they are 750 each they are 890 on the market right now i got 7 of him the price can be changed

thanks mods smiley

Close please.

That would be a lot of Tomas'. Good luck though!

Sorry MeRcEnAtE but im still looking for the cards smiley

Buying dante for 250 clintz any levelsmiley
private sale me!

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Or negotilble! thought 500 of the market would interest people!!!

As this may be seen as a pre=phull thread, I am reconsidering my initial decision. This thread is now closed

Trading All Stars: Alexei, Robb, Randy, and Jessie

Lokking for the following Nightmare cards: Glorg, Pan, Dieter, Phyllis


I'll try.
there might be a nice person out there

the price of the card is on 16k


I will buy junkz for a good price i have a lot. i am mainly looking for taham, rowdy, and nobrodroid.
thnx mods

The name pretty much says it all you leave an offer and if i like any i will pm you and make a deal

Looking for both of them under market price pm me and we will talk price.

Uranus for 5500-6000

Since its selling @ 90k in the market, 85k?

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