sunday 08/11/2009

Already did a trade. please close thread, thanks mods! smiley

I am willing to sell my shakra and my kiki. PM ME.
thanks mods. =)

saturday 07/11/2009

Do you offer a Muze of a Shann?

I want to trade these cards for your alec cr i will add clintz if needed.thnx mods

I can pay up to 3000 clintz

i know its not full price but its all i got 4 now

For 4k if posssblie or 5k not bothered but if you have a duoble of him than its a 4k ok

I´m Lookin For 44k Or Tanaereva + 5k

PM For Fast Bussines

Thx Modz

He isnt even good at scamming


big mistake

PM me if u have one ty

I am looking mainly for taham, rowdy and nobrodroid. PM ME. i have other cards to trade too.
thnx mods.

Trading lulabee for any other level of her.
ie I give 5* Lulabee, you give 1*/2*/3*/4* Lulabee

Sorry how about 20,000 or less

Ive only got 13.794k but is there any cards you want?

If u accept anything and everything I am offering Syd Noze (c) sure u accept such tradE?

100 clintz

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