friday 29/12/2017

I went down on the price now the card is at 1680.000 Dounia Mt

Hi all
1 Ymirah Cr full xp 1.5kk
35 Goure 0 xp 55k/t 1.925kk
1Joy 0 xp four your Nemo Cr 0 xp(3.6kk)

If interested send a pm please!

I have a lot more to offer

I'm selling 100 Mojita 0xp 5k/unity smiley

I am closing this topic
trade done

Send private sale for 30K thanks smiley

Ahh i am not accept for lot.. smiley

+ 3 behemoth 0xp
- 10 spyke cr 0xp

Got enough saki still looking for ruru

Buy Hans Spinner 0XP 6.5K.

Just put him in my PS, max 100 copies.

I would like to trade my Kenny Mt 0xp for a Kenny Mt full and 100k

Man it bums me out that Nemo is already so expensive :/ Kinda sucks that a card to honor someone is gonna be so scarce. Seems like people are gonna forget what the card was even about before very long

Upp thanks darthy much love
*Gives a cookie*

I posted after i forget to cloe it, i am tired smiley

thursday 28/12/2017

Ill take your offer smiley

Nemo Cr 0xp +
Xantiax Robb Cr full for my Cannibal Jo Cr i accepte

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