thursday 22/10/2009

Together for 220K
thx mods

Im buyin a alec cr for 45000 clints ill add in 3 extra uncommon cards aswell

Buying Sashas 1.6k Clintz each, private sell them to me

Ok,i just gifted all my cards to a friend of mine...

mods,you can close the tread.....i'm out from this game....bye bye!!

I have an idea for you.
Wait until friday and he will be alot cheaper.
Save your clintz.

Thank you,
Wattz Jr

Plz dont think me as crazy as for above 3 posts saying same thing
never knew that mods need to verify comments too so I thought it to be error and wasent posted so that came here smiley

tnx _N_
hope sm1 else comes

Close please .

i didn't get any offer so im going to sell it

Starting price is now lowered to 350 clintz

Blaaster-7500 verymn N-6500
thx mods

No one wants to trade...

bump please

Thanks for the offer, but im looking more for the following Cr's at the moment:

Tessa Cr
Splata Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Kerrozzin Cr
Jim Cr
Ombre Cr
and Elya Cr

Pm with your offers, i also have over 100k+ clintz to add on top of the 0xp vickie and alecs

Mod you do know that the guy asked for this thread to be closed?

wednesday 21/10/2009

That was fast. smiley

Lock please.

Close mods, thanks!

Please close moderators
thank you

So i wanna trade my Mona to someone's Yayoi.
Both are almost same price (+-100-200).

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