tuesday 01/12/2009

May be closed ty done

Can I just get one or do you want to sell 'em in bulk?

Buying Rolph for 1500 clintz.
pm if u want to sell it to me or negotiate the price.

Ghumbo (U) (U)+Phyllis + clintz

Come on now

I'd give you Volht + jackie

Still looking.smiley

Please close

Yes but timber is lousy in in DT lyse is a big gun you can't do alot with when playing qwith .. deal for timber denied..

I'm looking to purchase Nahi Cr at 0 xp for 55,000 clintz.

Please post here if you're willing to trade; don't pm me.

Close mods

It seems as though reading the last post(s), as opposed to the original one, is too hard for some people.

Mods, please close this thread.

I have jackie 0exp and jackie full exp, your offer?

So, is the deal:
my slyth
your shanya, buck (or) jay greem chiara?

I have had some good offers but no-one has just hit the mark yet....

first to send me a message with the full deal gets the card...

monday 30/11/2009

Please close

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