monday 30/11/2009

Buying pan 2500 is my budget, pm for you offers.

Looking to buy for 10.5k
Willing to negotiate higher

Thanks Mod

On sale for 28k its on the market first come first serve. thnx

Can i buy it?

Tanaereva - 35k
Wee Lee - 12k

If these prices don't suit you pm me and we can make a deal.

I have Sleam make an offer

The value of the cards you are asking for is almost 140k, but Splata Cr is only going for 110k at the moment... You could either wait 3-4 months and hope that Splata Cr's price will go up by that much or adjust your desire...

You're joking right?
You might be able to pull off a trade for Vickie Cr, but Lyse Teria Cr is out of the question...

sunday 29/11/2009

I'm looing for those cards all at 0xp. If I can ge tthem around...



~bought plz close it smiley

I would for 550.

I trade my Melissa Cr 0 xp for Melissa Cr full + 20000 clintz, if u are interested we can negoziate via pm. (only via pm pls not on forum).

Can be closed, guess it didnt work xP

Put in my private sales for 275 each..please and thanks

Zatmans sold

just Hikiyousan now


ye i might start offering 10k lower then lol


Mods please close

I need vickie and alec

Yea sorry for the confusion

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