thursday 28/12/2017

Behemoths and serfinas gone

New value: 4.3M

I'd like min 3M cash + 1.3M of CRs .. , Dakota 0xp 370k , Tormentah 0xp 80k, Butcher Braxton full 1.15M , Schatzi full 790k

I value kougloff 200k, ik his price gonna drop. but ill definitely adujust that if you thinks its too off. if you have some hmu

wednesday 27/12/2017

No one want ymirah? smiley

Received, thanks RAMZYXUK smiley

LF> one copy of each:
Mechakolos any XP
Toro any XP
Dolly any XP

Lol smiley that's why I said it's crazy in the beginning smiley

I'm look for a Nemo Cr any level - 4m
I'm offering Xantiax Robb Cr (0XP) - 2.8m)
and 1.2m

PM me if interested

Out of cash closed thanks!

I value my nemo 4m ea looking for serafina 0xp mainly which i value at 400k ea
Open to other offers tho feel free to pm me

I value my cards 1.65 m.

15* #spyke cr + 5* Kolos Cr + 2m vs your Cannibal Jo Cr

All #Spyke cr 0xp 3 Kolos Cr 0xp

I have 9x Shann Cr 0 xp
I am looking for: Leviationn 0 xp Draheera 0 xp
1x Shann Cr 0 xp for 2x Leviationn 0 xp or 4X Draheera 0 xp

15x #spyke cr 0xp + 2x Rowdy Cr 0xp + 3m vs Cannibal Jo Cr

I'm now also looking for cards in the new Kougloff pack

Changed the title to make sure it complies with sales rules.
If you want to create a thread to exchange cards, in future, add [TRADE] at the start of the header.

Additionally, the following information should be provided to help interested traders.

-What value in Clintz do you estimtate Kalindra Cr to be at
-What XP for Kalindra Cr do you want to get

-What value in Clintz do you estimate Behemoth to be at
-What value in Clintz do you estimate Toro Cr to be at

Please add this information to help assist interested traders.
Thank you for your understanding and best of luck in your trade.

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