thursday 01/10/2009

Ill buy em all for 900 clints

Mods, you can close this. i'm going to make a better trade post in the morning. one that's more thought out with some proposals..

anyone who sees this can still PM me.

This is about worth it 3k steve +5k clintz
blaaster 8.3k

Im selling nistarok for 3k measage mesmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

For jim cr i will offer a vholt full and a morphun 0xp

thanks modssmiley


Plz close

wednesday 30/09/2009

I'm looking for Kolos and Nistarok.
I'm offering Morphun.smiley

I'm looking for Alec CR I willing to trade Cassio CR Terry CR X2 and 10k for him


Chad bread,cassio,and 1 chikko full gone.. smiley

looking for 0xp vickies,alec,tan,or jackies.. smiley

All of the above cards have been sold/traded. Thank you for everyone that had interest, and especially those that ended up offering me something worthwhile. I'm planning on buying another substantial ammount of packs, so expect another list by the weekend to those who are interested.

Got one. Thank you very much.
Please close this thread.

The compliment is something to make up the difference in price between the 2 cards - either cards or clintz

Currently, Alec Cr is going for about 50k and Miss Twice Cr is going for 65k, so you will want to come up with something in the 15k range to make up the difference...

Throw in 15k clintz and you will be golden smiley

Still looking for offers anyone interestedsmileysmiley

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