sunday 27/09/2009

I'm buying 7 Lennox 's ... sell it to me for same as market prize... just sell it to me privat... il buy it immidiatly

Close pls


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Mod cloze plz. thank U

Close traded him

[trade] cesare + nellie + fei + 1600 for marco

pm me for other offers or post here

Another offer
fei + sandro + 2500 for marco

please accept

Mods close please

I am buying taham for around 2.9k so leave in private sell and 3.2k is the highst

I want tanaraeva. im giving up a zatman dalhia and terry cr

I'll buy sasha for 1000 clintz more or less
just private sell me

Just private sell it to me.

Aurora for 4.2k

Selling the following cards.
Entire non cr clans:
I want to sell in large masses only.
I have no doubles.
Im looking for all non cr fang pi and kerozinn for all of these.

Hey, I want to buy Nobrodroid, Rowdy, Gibson and Veenyle

I have Rolph, Z3r0 D34d, Annibal and Katan to trade

PM for faster response

Close pleasesmiley

Close please and thanks everybody who bought and thanks mods

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