friday 09/10/2009

Please close thank you mods.

Ill buy 3 for 360 or max 400

I have jay , thomas , aurora and lelena 15k

Okay, thanks to all buyers and close please

I'll Bogdan from the Freaks for 11,500 clintz right now if anyone has one they dont me

500 clintz + my yasuke for your FEI

I'm selling 15 Timmy's for 700 clintz each.

All are max level.

Ill trade lilena timmy and sargh for bogdan and 2000 clintz

Umm dont have bogdan would u be interested in something else??
i have both chloes, kenny, oren, rel, and milovan??

Jackie is sold ..
still have 3 Pegh
and 1 Nyema

Colse plz

Ill trade you gertude for crassus or akendram

Ahahaha! "pls" hahaha! goodluck dude.smiley


first of all i'm english. i set my flag to french so i can acces the french thread. second of all this is a trade thread not a debate about lottery. third i can ask exactly how much i want for my goods, nobody is forced to accept the trade. fourth people owning those cards i ask in return for my lin bee 's are usually experienced players who know the value of cards and know for themselves if its worth or not. fifth u know that large quantities are usually worth more than the market price since u cannot find 1600 lin bee 's in the market, they are regarded as investments.

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