friday 25/09/2009

Lol...kinda even the cheapest ones sell for about 3x as'd be better to just buy a bunch of 0xp timbers like i

Just curious if you had made a decision.

That's right this is why I made an auction at french with starting prize guru+50k clintz

I am buying a kuai card. I will give up all of my doubles which have a total future value greater than kuai will ever be.

if there are people that can wait to reap the benefit of these cards, pm me.

the cards are 2 thomas, 1 aylen, 5 melvin, 6 sledg, 4 archibald, 2 noemi, 1 cley, 1 milton, and 3 danae

I'm looking for armanda cr any xp + alec cr
thanks mods

Well I'm sure if you wait a little bit you might find some one that can trade for it.

Dorian for ambre

I only need there Blaaster and Vermyn N

To that Maila Offer:

I want both for 630 not for each of them.smiley

That means 1 Malia for 315. But I want to buy both of them. And I want to buy one Ghoub for 315

Close please

As the title says and plus 400 clints =]
look on the market price of a maxxed xp one and 0 xp 400 clints different :]
pm me for faster responce =]

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Or Enzo to another ?

Still looking for someone interested

Close please all purchased

I've got 20x tula all are maxed and i'm looking to get a copper or zatman with clintz

There 400 on the market.

Locking for a price range of 1200 to 1300 prefable below 1280

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