wednesday 07/10/2009

Just as the title says, i'm looking for a tessa cr in exchange for my alec and vickie

my crs are both full

tessa can be any xp

pm me if you are interested offer can be negotiable, only fair offers accepted

thx mods

Ha ha very funny

I buy 1 Marco full xp, just Private Sale me if you want to sell~~ *first sell first buy basis* smiley


I got all of them olga tomas ackedram so...

Close please

@time gambit thanks, man. Do you play DotA?
@firezedge yeah, I regret the fact that I hesitated to buy him back when he was still 2k. It just so happens that I was able to buy one for 2400 in the market today, so I have no need for this thread.

Mods, please close. Thanks! smiley

Im trading sasha and redra for gibson. sasha's price will go up as she will leave the new blood.smiley

tuesday 06/10/2009

Please close now mods thnx


toro bloodh and 2000 clintzs..

OK Close thanks mods

Swidz cr for gibson !


I also wouldn't mind trading those crs for 3 Alec Crs.

Why on earth do you have 72 Rebecca's anyway?

3 terry cr's and 1k. Pm or post please

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