monday 05/10/2009

Close Plz smiley
thx Mods

sunday 04/10/2009

OK Close mods, thanks

My 3 terrys for your Radek, slyth, Pegh, Mindy, Askai and Scopica please pm me if you want to do this deal

Im looking for the following cards:
Swidz Cr and Page Cr for 59,900 or
Alec Cr for 58,000 or
Cassio Cr and Diyo Cr for 52,900 or
Seldnor Cr and Diyo Cr for 54,500 or
Seldnor Cr and Cassio Cr for 56,900 or
Swidz Cr and Diyo Cr for market price
Swidz Cr and Cassio Cr for Market price
and other crs for under or 59,900

Bought my vickie can be closed

All of them 1* 0xp

Selling the lot for 12k (480 each) or trading for the equivalent in card (max 3 cards to make 12k)

Thank you

No one ? close please mods, cheers

I have a Kerozinn Cr for trading.... looking for 2 Alec Cr or W.H.Y

Hello i speak english , and i am french
Having grieved the errors of orthography I have the foundation of English, I exchange 4 tanereva 0 xp for 20 caelus 0 xp Thank you for telling by private message, I do not come on the American forum a lot

Thanks smiley

How much or is that what youre saying

Arno for 1.6k pm me smiley

1 terry cr for a hax

Please close

Close this now plz. smileysmiley


Trading Vickie cr 0xp and alec cr 0xp for tessa cr. Pm if your interested, thanks smiley

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