monday 21/09/2009

I love how you wrote approx 1.635m. That's pretty precise smiley

I'd make you an offer, but I already know it won't quite be in that price range. Good luck, though.

Please close the thread.

Yeah I seen this too. That's why I make all my offer fair smiley

Up now my offer is 2 alec cr +jackie full and tahan

Sold - Close please.

that should be better

Rubie for your eyrik

Homsikpanda is dahlia fully leveled now?

sunday 20/09/2009

Contact me with offers bidding start at 16K automatic buy at 17k

Selled close the post pls

Got him please lock.

I'll buy it for 889

Sorry it xas an error smiley

Seafoodfunloa pm me and
shareholder sorry but i dont want jsut 1 cr

2 terry cr

I want a
Kolos 0xp - for 18 000
Phyllis 0xp - for 1 000
Sheitine 0xp - for 1 000 clintz
PM me for faster response

Rowdy and 1k

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