friday 02/10/2009

Lol someone anser cos i really need em

Hey ill trade some of my allstars ( hammer , el gringo , randy ) for junks cards like rowdy , peeler or gil . cos these junks cards are worth more ill trade 2 or mabey all of them cards for 1

Say what card do you want for your sylth and well talk about it.smiley

i have cards on allstars, sakhorm, uppers, sentinels, roots and everything. just say what you want.smiley

Already bought mona. please close

Trading for Alec CR + Ongh + Sylth

Please closesmiley

No me i already pm him

Melvin will probably stay there for about a month... Giving if, someone doesn't find a winning deck in ELO with him involved...

This is what i will offer
i will offer the whole leaders clan : for reine cr or ombre cr
for jim cr i will offer : vholt and morphun( if theyr not sold in the reine trade)
for manon cr: the whole collection without crs and pussycats but ill add alec cr 0xp terry 0xp and chikko full

thanks mods

3000 clintz

1050 for shogunn only

Looking for a Graksmxxt, am willing to trade for it.

Offering 15 -17 k

thursday 01/10/2009

I have allison, mario, bhudd, el gringo, and randy. PM on how to trade.

Lol I bet he would offer you 1 cli0nt smiley smiley

This is very funny, 2 accounts to put up all the act? I mean like a lv 5, Novice, no stars with so ever have the guts and 48k to buy it. Very believeablesmiley

Close please

Thx! But Tell Me, Do U Want To Do The Trade¿?

I buy more than
PM for offers,please!
Thanks modsmiley

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