wednesday 30/09/2009

He is worth 17k on the market...

Close please to many people retract their bids

Ambre sold, close this thread please.

I'd hate to BUMP, but i reallly want to get a deal going. Lamar Cr is currently 138k, so just alter the previous post accordingly.
Tanaereva + Kerozinn Cr = Lamar Cr (10k difference to make up)

I'll give you Alec Cr for Dragan Cr

I've already traded for it, thanks guys.

tuesday 29/09/2009

What a collector smileysmiley smiley

Lock this one the second one I made is better thought out.

Im not paying 14k however i will trade a graksmxxt for one. pm me

Subjct Closed Thanks

People i buy 0exp only !

Got alec cr without selling cassio so no longer interested in selling
close plz


I am still thinking whether I should trade my Dalhia. I had her since she was Level 1 smiley

No thx
but i want ongh = 16kclintz??
jackie 1star is 25kclintz or something

so ongh+9k cash or in cards

Trish bryan and getrud are sold

I know this isn't an ideal deal for you but I could trade an Ombre Cr, plus some other cards to even the difference.

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