monday 26/10/2009

Bumpity, Still looking for offers smiley

Buck the Ulu Watu Character...

Mods. you can scrap this post.

Mods: you can close this smiley

Trading one of my Vickie Cr 0XP for Jim Cr + 2 copies of Jackie. Send me a PM if you are interested.

Come on people its a good deal smileysmiley


Katan for 3 500?

Close please mods if you would. The deal fell through

jazza_9876 won at 640 clintz

Close Please

Close this plz. smiley

Gary 480 clintz
ottavia 1440 clintz

thx mod

Close thanks

Auction closed nobody win

Read the title

thx mods smiley

Ill give you El Gringo, Hammer, Jessie, Liu, Marina, Striker and bounus 680smiley

You heard it smiley, send me a pm if we are gonna trade

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