monday 14/09/2009

And what is have someone something

For Miss Twice Cr and 28k, great deal

Looking to buy Elvira at 1300CZ kinda low on CZ

Lol, i want to buy Anibal and Erpeto, but i dont know what i should offer smiley

Thats the trade im makeing and if your a clintz pincher ( alot of you are lol) I'll throw in 150 clintz aswell...PM me or leave a message...Thankssmiley

Hawkins - 8,500 - 9,000
Tyd - 950 - 1,000
Dalhia - 13,500 - 14,000
Smokey - 2,200 - 2,300

Can you put them in my private sales, thanks smiley

This can be closed, thanks mods.

Forget it >.> sold it on the market >.>

I'm interested on oyoh, jessie and liu. All of them are about 5000 clintz, so another 2000 clintz extra and deal.

Mods please accept the topic

Do you have Oxen or Kristin?

I have elya cr if you want to add in some more...

Thread close please..

Would buy 100 if it is 160 per head though.

I want to trade Terry Cr (Cr) for Jay (R),Chiara (U),Cley (C),Noemi (R),And Lelena And Ill add 1,000 clintz

Close please smiley

Close pleasesmiley

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