thursday 24/09/2009

What will you give me for splata cr

I am gonna buy 60 0 xp 3* and i will buy them 130 each please send them to my private

Since no one wants to, please close this =)

Seldnor Cr i want him i can pay cash or cards + cash .

I offer, lamar splata alec nahi vickie miss twice and kerozin

Done, close please, thanks.

Nahi cr + Alec cr + Tanaereva

I buy dorian for 5500 please

thanks mod

Ill trade my max xp Alec Cr for Alec +10k
pm me

I will take him for 250.

Bump please

smiley good luck with the trade, free bump

I will trade for alec, tan, and 10 jays

thats about current market price

Ill trade caelus for 4 jay

i think he will go upsmiley

U give 2 me but ill trade or buy

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