thursday 15/10/2009

Would u be interested in 4 melvin for your kuei

You should keep your All-stars and use them. They are a great clan to play with. Paige Cr is a terrible card to use.

Close this post!!

Trading them for your Full xp + compensation smiley

Thank you

Dont have any sorry

I speak litlebit english

Trading Vickie Cr 0xp and Alec Cr 0xp for Tessa Cr. Pm if your interested

I am Currently buying :
58 caelus (i prefer 0xp)

I will give you Dragan cr and tessa cr 0xp

Pm me with offers

Wow,, Xx- how about you trade me your Caelus for my Oxen. ya, see how it is when someone makes an offer like that?

Can i buy it for 1k clintz

Private Sell to me all Alice's you have for 210 clintz.

Alec Cr at level1 is only 4k less then Beltran Cr at level 1 and only 5 k less then him at level 2 so its not a fair trade even with a maxed Alec Cr because its only a 11- 12 k difference and shes worth more then 16k.

I wanna sell some cards
i've got
Mort Bax Lv 4 Montana
Noon Stevens Lv 3 Pussycats
Coraille Lv 4 Ulu Watu
Name your price Please PM Me

I have about 647 clintz (growing every day) and i'm looking for jungos that have 7 or more power and at least 3 damage.mail me if interested.

Still looking.. Any other similar trades are welcome.xD

I'm trading trading Cassio (currently about 27K), Ongh (-18K), and 15k. Thats a total of about 60k for Nahi. PM me if interested,

I will buy x11 of him PM smiley

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