sunday 13/09/2009

Bump, message me if you have offers of your own also. Thanks

I'm trading my cards for a Melissa Cr (Cr).. which i value at 188k(full xp)..

willing to give this cards :

Vickie Cr 0xp = 104k
3x jackie 0xp = 26.8k x3 = 80.4k
total = 184.4k

i'll add clintz depending on the market price
pm me if interested smiley

Believe it or not its only adds to 100k you ****ing jackass

Hurry up and message mesmileysmiley

Ok, I pay 95.000 for Kerozinn Cr now. Send me in private.

Thanks, Mods, you can close this!smileysmiley

My Splata, your Lamar..
Pm me for negotiations?

Close please and thank you buyers

Good luck doubt anybody will sell though

Close please.

Sellin lvl 3 jackie for 24.5k, its a little under 1k exp i think 910, still got goos use for future please pm me.

ty mods and UR

Nahi cr + 40000?

Im buying ongh for 13000
ill try to add clintz if possible
pm me if you need it

I just realized i cant sell these cards
im not happy with the low level of bidding
sorry to everyone who placed a bid
close this please

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