thursday 02/05

10 The Rocktana 0xp (300k/t)
25 Ackh 0xp (21k/t)
Je recherche:
Ymirah Cr 0xp 2M

wednesday 01/05

Pm me how much you want for him, thanks.

My cards for Kiki Cr Any Exp (Priced at 15m)

Nemo Mt Full Exp 4.650.000
Beeboy Cr Full Exp 527.000
Blaaster Cr Full Exp 1,570,000
Dagg Cr Full Exp 260.000
Drakorah Cr Full Exp 305.000
Oon Cr 0 Exp 295.000
Slyth Cr 0 Exp 900.000
Slyth Cr Full Exp 900.000
Robb Cr 0 Exp 388.000
Pr Cushing Full Exp 635.000
Uctful Cr 0 Exp 395.000
Thorpah Cr Full Exp 252.000
Xantiax Robb Cr Full Exp 3.100.000
+ 900.000 Clintz

Total of 15.077.000 Clintz

Change Ndololo Cr price to 3.500.000 clintz

I have:
1x Xantiax Robb Cr (any xp), valued at 3.1M

I want:
1x Dounia Mt (any xp), valued at 3.1M

Simple trade. PM for quicker response. Thank you.

It isn't possible to sell you the card if you have not achieved the level in which you get it for free. You won't find it in the market until then, even if available

tuesday 30/04

B Mappe Cr for 7,4m
Sum Sam Cr for 6m

Write me on PM or let's send cards into private sell)

Negotiations are open!!!

monday 29/04

If you have another offers - write me too)

Thanks for the heads up! bought it! smiley smiley

sunday 28/04

Dayum Urban is really over SMHsmileysmiley

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