saturday 09/12/2017

Okay sent to both smiley Closing this now

Still available. Don’t say you want the trade and when contacted, you mentioned it was sold. Lol

Looking to buy bulk Chip
800 PU any xp!!

Lot A sold. Thanks

friday 08/12/2017

450k lot 5?

I just see that i double posted barden, i only have 3 copies smiley
also have clintz available

Sent Neon smiley

2m for both now smiley

I sell #Kerozinn Cr Full 2M250k smiley

Mp for exchange.

I have Behemoh Serafina and Judge Lynch smiley

Sent you a PM.
Rowdy Cr - for reference.

Leliana for 120k
private message pls

Wooly +1k vs 0xp
Pyro + 1k vs 0xp
Miss Chloe+ 1 lydia vs 0xp
Earl + 500 clz vs 0xp
ZRobbie + 500 clz vs 0xp
Pavel + 1k5 vs 0xp
Kamakura + 500clz vs 0xp
Miranda +500 clz vs 0xp
Christelle + 1k vs 0xp

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