thursday 10/09/2009

The title says it all...I'm looking for the best deal anyone will give me on a Chikko Cr 0xp... Part of the deal is my Terry Cr 0xp adn you choice of cards or clintz...Pm me or leave a message...Thankssmiley

I have all the cards you need exept for chiara

I can add clintz to some of the trades

Come on still looking i can trade miss twice and clintz for dwain and a full thuamturge

Close plz smiley

wednesday 09/09/2009

I need an unleveled charlie.

Im looking for a mona and i will thorw in 300 clintz if nescessary
PM me for faster response

I suppose this is finished then. If anyone wants to buy let me know in the next day before I sell them for 165 a head smiley

Sold. Thanks mods close pls.

No one then... CLOSE!!!

Im trading my vholt for nahi cr and Btw i know nahi worth more smiley .

thanks mods

I trade my zatman for petra GraksmxxT and SkrumxxT
contact me by private messages


Sorry, I sold it. Someone please close this.

Need these 3 cards but I'm short of clintz. I have approx. 7,400 clintz to spend but I can trade too.

I'm looking to buy all cards under marketed price and if a trade is necessary, I have Roots and GHEIST and some Junkz to offer.

PMing we be quicker or just post!

Someone can up this?:
Vickie Cr + Jackie + 10 Askai + 10 Naginata 2 chiko cr + 5000 clintz

Im tradinG vickie cr full for vickie cr 0xp and ill add 4k

thanks mods

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