tuesday 16/01/2018

Come on i want moresmiley


For reference dude

Welp im ine with anything just for future references
If it is specified with no second, then it ends on :59 second of the previous minute.
12h:30m is 12h:29m:59s , 14h:22m is 14h:21m:59s , 00h:10m is 00h:09m:59s - Any bids starting on or after the next minute must be rejected.

No that's not what i meant lol just give price estimations for your searches
For example you say estimate tan man 1.7m
So they could throw you an offer
Anyways happy trading.

Private sell if you have it

Oh i count every card at lowest market value, and 385k for 0xp seems inflated

5 Nemo Cr 0xp?

I'll just send you both C0re

I add my 150k cash to my offer if u want

monday 15/01/2018

You are looking a card that is going to go out of NB pack, that is the problem xD

34k/each, the price may increase if there are many Ruru in your offer, if it's the case pm me

Also i can sell them for 5.9M cash clintz.If youd like to save the trouble of buying a few cards from the market.

Even trade the prices are very close could be more or less either way. Alternatively if you have a dakota or judge lynch I will do the same for either of them.

Note: Edited that to a working hyperlink.

X-0DUS is spelled with the number 0.

However a trade requires you to mention which cards you are willing to offer with market estimates in exchange for #Dregn and X-0DUS

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