saturday 29/08/2009

Im trading my 50 melvin for timbers and vansaars 0xp i will not take lvl 2 or 3 or 4 only 0xp or lvl 1 .

please i dont want any offer like 1 timber for 1 melvin smiley im not noob .

so if you have lots of 0xp timbers and vansaar PM .

Close please .

Looking for 2,5 M clintz/cr Negotiable.

I m really looking for Alec/ongh/dahlia/bloodh/jackie

6500 - 6900

I would add another 8

Terry for 300

Your problem is that u dont have enough for both.
Try searching for someone who SELLS for less. smiley

5 k plus some skeelz?

Also looking for striker or marina

I already have a player traded with
please close

Im looking to trade your vickie for my alec .

ill add up cards / clints to make up the diff


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Close plz

Mods please close. I got my trade

friday 28/08/2009

As the title says that is what i'm loking for at under market price if you can...PM me or leave a message her and I will get back to you...Thankssmiley

What could you give me for a full Gaia?

"I've been seing people selling 1* Timbers for 100ctz... " Sorry, but can't you read, some players really sell them so cheap. And not 400+... You can easily catch ~240

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