sunday 24/12/2017

Noob trade me 1 tanman aah

Value Noctezuma Cr 0xp? and ymirah Cr 0xp?

1 lara for 1 strigoi +1k smiley

Np, never luckysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Last auction..the biggest one..this time, 15 min..i give you the time to do the calculations smiley

Look at the new one smiley

Yeah most likely, I have 2, we'll talk after he goes Cr.smiley

Too late guys smiley
fresh won smiley
stay tuned for the last one

Stay tuned..a new one and finish in 10 min smiley

I close this one and I'll open a new in 2 minutes..
I don't know what's happening

saturday 23/12/2017

Sold to aladin. Thanks for all offers.

Mr Big Duke 0xp for 1.6m cash

( any trades in pm )

No one bid smiley auction closed Rolph

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