monday 15/01/2018

Hi! i wanna trade my 42 antoinette 0xp et full 70k/t (dissociable)
i search

Maana Cercei 600k (illimite)
Marshal 530k (illimite)
Judge Lynch 200k (illimite)
Quetzal 700k (illimite)
Splata cr 3M

PM me smiley

Send butcher

And I just make 180k smiley

My Blaaster Cr 750K
and Robb Cr 590K
For Maana Cercei 580K
and #Quetzal 700K

You want braxton? I have one bro. Reply if you're interested. smiley


Still looking to make this trade cash is flexible to make it happen. Just less than tax or I’ll just sell

I changed it

sunday 14/01/2018

Je vends Elya Cr por 4m
o je J'accepte cartes comme Behemoth #marshall Serafina ou crs sous 1m smiley

Im looking for Graksmxxt Cr too (250k)

60 of him for my general cr

I think the value is 330 k / t

I accept cash
And nemo cr oxp or full, i put more clintz in trade.

Congrats Starzy wins the auction cards on your way gg.

@Saga 14.13.59 that would be bro.

I have 5 Serafina 0xp.

Selling them 650 000 per head.

mp me

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