monday 02/08/2010

This guild accepts anyone in any level that can join. In the guild, we may have private sales, auctions, trades and events(If anyone can make one).No restrictions apply. We also need active players if possible. All players above level 10 will become administrators.
Our guild name describes us. The level rangers because we range in levels. We like to help each other out. That is all. Join guild:1008138

Leave the poor kid's recruitment thread alone, fellas. I think XC-Merlin's post was enough. smiley

Good luck with your guild, Reap-DvF, and please avoid posting in other guilds' threads, otherwise this will happen. smiley

Haha i think im gonna join this tired of getting kicked everytime i dont log on for 3 days.....i have alot of things to do besides play UR and only do it casually every so often....i try my best to be active but sometimes its just not always possible.

Yay for the procrastinators guild. =)

Join GODS OF CHAOS this week only were accepting all applicants from any lvl we would love to have you

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Close he join a guild

You sound perfect for my guild. We're more interested in having fun than being competitive. I'm just starting it out so it has nowhere to go but up join me at guild:1046538

sunday 01/08/2010

Hey guilds of UR, Im looking for a guild to stay in for a home, Im a fair player, I make about 5000 or more battle points a week, I have a will to not give up, I work hard, I have a good sense of humor, HIGHLY ACTIVE, can do almost anything for a guild Im in, and will take my orders and fufill my duties to earn my respectsmiley

We need more people to join smiley

saturday 31/07/2010

Sorry. I'm new to this stuff.

Close plz she already found a guild

Close plz i dnt think we will be recruiting new members soon


Still recruiting? smiley

*knock-knock* Still recruiting? smiley

Pls delete this thread ..smiley

Admin please close, we already have a thread.

friday 30/07/2010

Thanks TP, join now

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