friday 11/09/2009

Trade for Striker + clintz

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Would a trade work? I'm not too fond of him, but I could do with say Wen lee, Ratanah, Shakra... Or gimme an offer

Looking for a Pegh, obviously under market price, pm me.

As the title explains that is what I am looking for. Leave a message or PM me...Thankssmiley

Still no serious replies.

How many clintz are you willing to add?

thursday 10/09/2009

Please close

Well, I took the chance

Cheers mods you can close this now

Im looking for hawkins smokey and a bunch of other piranas

I want to trade my Dragan Cr full for a Dragan Cr 0exp thanks

Somebody want armanda cr 0xp? smiley

9000 for alle


Leviatonn - 5500
Rolph - 1700
Toro - 3700
z3r0d34d - 2100
methane - 1500


rowdy - 6000
gil - 5000
peeler - 4500
gibson - 1800

just post if interested. .tnx

Grrrrr ne1 wanna gimme some free cards ey lol but really is there any other way of getting the sick monies cause this is boring

I am needing ghiest and junkz. tnx

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