tuesday 04/08/2009


Title says all, pm me please. Thanks

monday 03/08/2009

XD pfulls banned but i guess regular pfulls allowed

Please close mods.

Please dont write here or pm me plz dont just private sell them 2 me it does not matter what card it is ill buy it if it is resonable and dont take them back if i buy them and dont take them back if im not on plz i will be on alot so plz bear with me
and remerber dont pmme or write here plz

thx mods

Nvm close please

Trading 0XP copies of Swidz and Skullface for a Vickie Cr. XP on the Vickie doesn't matter. PM me if you are interested.

Maxed or 0 EXP?

What lvl?

Market is at 195.

I am currently buying any cards at 100 clintz a piece
Preferably in bulk.
If not that's fine too.

Still looking,

Mods please close

Mods please close

I want to buy him for 5-6k. Anyone who wants to sell him for that put him in my private sales.

Thanks smiley

You can close it mods thanks

If you have dreen tell me and i will trade my full exp Gheestling

I got Morphun, Kolos, and Tana.
looking to trade for 9 Grakxxmxt.thanks.smiley

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