wednesday 16/09/2009

You can close this now thanks.

Bcoz your nice i will end ind it now smiley have fun with my cards :

mods please close .

tuesday 15/09/2009

Err, yes..? XD

How about 2 hawk and 1 jay?

Please Close

Im buying jay for 1,85k = 1850 clintz.
It must be full exp.

Arkn, bristone, brutox, darth, dolly, dr.saw, gheistling, lilith, luba, methane, meyen, nina, strynge, vryer. they are all max level plz pm me if interested.

That went fast smiley Thanks Mods, Plz close

I have an Aurora and a Glosh I'm willing to trade for Marco, or buy Marco for 5300. Open to offers.

Thanks mods.

All of them are full exp

Trade 3 Alec Cr Full Exp (57800 clintz) + 6000 clintz for 3 Alec Cr 0 Exp (59900).
Thanks!! =)

Slyth+morphun+kenny+alec cr+jackie+clintz(maybe)
if interested, pm me

Doing what the title say's. PM me if you want to trade.smiley

Really need this card

I have 81 Terry cr, 1 alec cr, and over 173k. That adds up to a little over 692k. IM mainly looking for Marlysa Cr,Armanda Cr,NDololo Cr,Lao Cr, or rass cr either one of those crs would work

thanks mods!

Please close thx mod

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