sunday 02/08/2009

Please close

Hi everybody, the object for today is an Armanda Cr (0xp).
I would like to trade her against a Marlysa Cr.

(Good comparable Offers are welcome too)

Thanks Mods

I buy Kenny for 9k, put it in my Private sale

Close please, thanks

Close pleasesmiley

Im selling dorian at the fourth for 9550
im also selling gibson at the third for 9000 cause at the third thats how much you could sell him for
and im selling rubie for 4100

Close please

For hax + marco 0xp + Sledg

Admins, please close this topic, sold Pegh.

I am looking to buy Graksmxxt.
Buying him for 8250 each.
If you want to sell him just put in my private sales

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Close please. smiley
thank you smiley

Please close

Close plzsmiley
i made a deal

I'll sell it for 15 500 , (it's can go down )

I will offer kerrozin cr >.>

So i will give u my kerozinn cr for ur miss twice cr and selsya cr ok please need them for elo deck and any other cards u migh need to trade just give me a call.

I am buying Nakata and Dreen

Dreen for= 170 each
Nakata= 350 each

Done and done Thanks you mods and please close

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