saturday 08/08/2009

I'm looking to buy a General cr for 2.5 million clintz. Please, if you have one, and you want 2.5 million clintz right away, send me a private message and I will accept immediately. If 2.5 million clintz is too low, but you're looking to sell your General cr, send me a message and tell me the lowest ammount you would be looking to receive, and I will try my hardest to reach that ammount. Thank you in advance for anyone that is willing to help me out.

That's a great offer ScOOby...only a difference of 8k-ish clintz.
I've got two Jackie 's, one full and one level 3 0xp.
PM me and we'll negotiate.

Mods please close,THANk u

Check your PS mate smiley

Buying uranus 5300clintz pm me plz

Close Please smiley

I want to trade Bloodth and Shakria with Emeth and Archibald, please pm me!! XD

Got it.

Sale over smiley Thanks mods. This can be closed!

Il trade you.. pm me.. dragan full+cassio 0xp.. for dragan 0xp..

Haha Dan is wise smiley
you might want to go through the french market boards they're richer

friday 07/08/2009

I got copper thanks. You can close this now mods smiley

Ty close mods

Cmon keep em comin

What level?

Thread closed please.

57k pm me for quick response (its at market right now) current price is 60k if you remove my offer so you save 3k


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