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saturday 24/10/2009

I have 2 nice cr cards
Lamar Cr (Cr) 0xp
Dragan Cr (Cr) 0xp

i have been not playing UR for about 4 months now.
ALOT of new stuff here.
want to cash in.
want 130k + for lamar
and what ever cool deal for dragan
just post here
or pm for faster u know

thx mods for approve

I sell my adler start price is 6000 clintz but i would like to exchange my adler so make your offers

Closed i have sell Gatline to draxeon

I'd like to exchange my Sum sam Cr 0 XP vs your full with complement. ONLY CLINTZ

I don't put any valor for clintz, but I 'd like a resonnable offer

Send PM for offers please.


I still need more corvus 0xp

Close please

Youll get a pm...or just go to the market and click private sales, accept or decline if u got enough clintz...

If anyone has a extra mona I will buy it for all i have 600. I know thats too low but i,m desparate and thats all i have now.

Windymor 350 c
Aktrara 300 c
and Bennie 170c
and i plus 200 c for it
all = 350+300+170+200 = 1020
Donnie in market price is around 1 k
thxs for this trade...smiley

[Exch] Lamar CR 0 XP vs Lamar Cr Full with complement
Today at 04:25 in introductions | sales, | tournaments | strategy | staff's
I'd like to exchange my Lamar 0 XP vs your full with some clintz.

I don't put any valor for clintz, but I 'd like a resonnable offer

You can send message for offers please.



Deal ako for a uranus.. pm me for the deal

Still looking for these cards people

Try getting it again. If it didn't work, contact the customers' support services about it.

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