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thursday 21/01/2010

Close this mods thx! smiley

I have every Non Cr Sentinel!
I'd like to trade this for Bangers!

Pm me

wednesday 20/01/2010

Selling melvin offers around 2800 mark.
i want a juicy lord any levil .
ill offer melvin and clintz for juicy lord .

This can be closed

Thank you mods

I would like to buy Tyd for 1300 put it into my ps,s

Close mods, thank yousmiley

My Charlie 0 xp - market value 15k for:
Charlie any xp - 11k
Ditha any xp - 4k

Yours for 19.5k, have a few of these bundles, can consider trades.

Offer Greizzo, Gibson, and Rowdy for Z3r0 D34d, Wardom, and Leviatonn

Selling 23 Jeto 150 each

Title says it all. PM me if you are interested.

Ill get those
i already pmed you

Trade my caelus + clints for your jackie ....

Pm me if you are interested....

Oh and thx mods smiley

Can throw in a few clintz if needed. Don't want to pay the current market difference though.

PM me any offers. Thanks.

I buy Gil for 7500.. PM me if you want..

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