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tuesday 20/10/2009

For flavio
I give 18 Kolos (R) 20 Dorian (U) 2 dhalia for Flavio Cr (Cr) and 5 000 clinzs

for armanda nodololo cr or lao cr I give 18 Kolos (R) 20 Dorian (U) 3 dhalia 2 zatman (or jackie) and 10 000


Serious reasonable Negotiations only don't expect more than it's woth on an average day! PM is the preferred way to Negotiate.

monday 19/10/2009

Lol shes over 150k

Both my corvus sold i bit earlier today.

Close mods. i didnt realize people still looked at this thread.

Thank you

Y would i sell a 172k card for 90k smiley mods close THANKS

Yeah I thought so....
Well thanks anyway fast

Price Change:
180 each....both cards

Anybody ? im willing to add some clintz ?

Lamar Cr is full or 0exp?

I have 42 k now.

I can make a very good offer pm me plz. thnx

Buy allstar Jessie 1.5k

You should ask mods to help you do a mod swap where the mods take the cards and gives the cards to how ever your trading with.

Still needed smiley

Please close trade complete. smileysmiley

I'll Buy for 6k (:

Your dumb smiley
close please and thanks

All of them for my 2 corvus

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