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thursday 05/11/2009

5800 for niva and naginata minimoss

Bump. anyone?

wednesday 04/11/2009

Mods, destroy this subjectsmiley

I have two mojo's and a bridget

Chad Bread what do you want for it,,,,, cost wise...

Done close please


Sounds non-cheap.

Private sale it to me please. I'll take it if the price is reasonable. Thanks!

For loads of Vickie Cr or Alec Cr

thanks mods.. smiley

I have 2 alecs and 1 ckikko for vickie

Bump again... thanks mods

Looking for a 0xp Jackie for 20k clintz and a 3* 0xp Dorian

I'm selling windy mor, la xeming and nakata. I don't mind if you want them by separate or all together, I'm open to every ofter

Buyinn petra plz need robb jessie also

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