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tuesday 03/11/2009

I am willing to buy Reine Cr for 90k, I am willing to negotiate.

Close plz i,m not selling.

Sujet chlo

I need a tessa cr
0xp or maxed
i have for trade
lamar cr 0xp
jackie and zatman
i added that to about 165k
as u can see i have many cards. just message me with what u want to fill the rest

thx mods smiley

Umm well yh i had a event were i had to use 8 bob jobys and other people had like 8 globumns and stuff so yh and i have 8 of them noww(great)

i will sell 7 bob jobys for 250 each all 0XP due to the event
all bob joby s for 1600

Buy He IS AWSOME just read that rated second best coment

Your a rip off you think any ones gonna buy that

What is the price?

Please close mods.

So ya want kenny?? if youre wantin kenny we can make a deal

Pm me if your interested

im buying for 17 242 its a bit low
i know
but pm me

I know this is not a post for shawoman but for 15 alecs ill give you shawoman 0xp

Yep. What you are asking for adds up to a roughly 50,000 Clintz. And Alec Cr are selling for approx. 55,000 Clintz.

In other words, offer up people! Bargain here! ~Swings up his wooden banners~

Ok, just put it in my private sale sir. thank you very much. smiley

Now buying for 9ksmiley straight in private salessmiley

I got about 20000 at the moment , and cards like dalhia , hawkins , graxxxmt and other top cards like charlie or emeth too .
Wirte me if you are interested

Send me one for 8500.

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