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wednesday 14/10/2009

Pegh 950
If you are willing to sell just put in my psales!

As always thank you mods!

I need this cards:

Rescue: Steve, Hax, Aurora, Marco, Kerry

Jungo: Somba, Greow, Kreen, Chill, Niva, Sylth e Ongh

Change for several cards or buy for below market value.

Hugs King

I would if i had him sorrysmiley smileysmiley

For a full exp one plus a net of 5000 clintz. Which means, it will cost you 5250 since you pay Kates percentage.

Message me if you like to pick me up on it.

Redra x 100 = 40k

Alec Cr = 50k

Plus the person who does the trade will have to buy all 100 Redra for 50 each meaning he has to pay 5k extra.

I've seen these threads of yours all the time, they always rip people off..

DONE!! Thanks!

Mods, this can be closed now thanks.

Hi All,

Am new to this game.... woundered if you oldies can give me some nice starter card

Thank You

I have 5 full exp terrys and 5 0exp terrys so make me an offer and we might trade

Close please mods smiley

Ok... 600 you'll just pay 1000 clints...smiley
reminder.. i'll take out the skeelz cards that i have posted..

Please close mods

And he will also throw in a free avatar!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

Check out this website, where there are custom made avatars that are added in the trade, so everyone you see here AND a FREE custom avatar for a Tanaerva


Mods can u plz close this?

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