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monday 18/01/2010

14 Muze?

Pls close this thx. smiley

I buy him for about 16-17 k

Buying glenn 0xp for 600

buying jody oxp for 200 send as many as you want. thanks.

Sold it already
Close Plz

Sujet closed


I'll give you those 2 for Taham,
pm me if you are intrested

Close please .

already got the seller smiley .

Please close smiley

You are correct, but there are only 99 offers, he is selling 200.

I will give u 2 Lvl 2 unagi for everyone 1 unagi that is 0 xp.

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You can have it for 9500 in the market

sunday 17/01/2010

0 exp version is in, selling for 185 a piece if you buy at least 10. Valid to midnight, have HUNDREDS.

Please close

It is negoitiable

Prince Jr (C) : 1150
Oscar (U) : 670

Buying smokey 15k clintz.

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